Patricia Groh

Patricia Groh - 13 Apr, 2020

Ellie whispered to Jason and pointed to the end of the couch. He stood up and offered his hand as she rose, which she took to lead him to the spot. She turned and bent over as his hands found the sides of her hips. Ellie rested one elbow on the couch and reached between her legs to guide him into her. Her breasts and hair dangled and swayed as he held her hips, entering her from behind.
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"Ahh-Unghh," Ellie gasped as her body rocked, Jason thrusting his full length in and out of her. His hands held her breasts as his hips rhythmically slapped against her bottom.

Anne shifted her gaze as she heard the noise. She looked back at me with lustful determination.

"I want that."

"Your wish is my command, my darling."

"C'mon, baby," Anne performed an elegant dismount, taking my hand in hers, leading me to the edge of the couch. She leaned over the soft armrest, opening her legs and raising her bottom. I bent my knees to enter her petite figure from behind, the top of my shaft slipping against the petals of her soaking flower. Her hand reached back, her delicate fingers enveloping and guiding me.

"Oh, fuck yeah," she purred as I penetrated her channel.

My hands moved from her slender waist to encompass her swaying breasts as I buried my column into her. I slowly withdrew before thrusting again. My shaft immersed fully into her, brushing the edges of my tip against her most sensitive, deepest spot.

"Wait!" I proclaimed, garnering the silent attention of our group. We stopped our motion and the women traded glances. "The jockeys are lined up in their gates here at Churchill Downs." My hands wrapped around Anne's hips and I lifted her slightly so her channel lined up with my shaft perfectly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, The Kentucky Derby is starting!" Jason chimed in, his hands drifting to Ellie's waist. His grip firmed in anticipation, his shaft buried deep inside of her.

"And they're off!" Anne announced on cue, squeezing the couch pillows.

"Now git fuckin'!" Ellie accorded, bracing her arms on the side of the couch, "Hya!"

So we did. We laughed and fucked in front of the fire in a warm oasis of love and friendship on a frigid winter night.


We curled up on our fireside couches after another log had been placed atop the fire. We had switched to water from our previous libations as we thought about the inevitable end to our night and having to drive home.

We had shared a moment and we were lost in our thoughts. The warmth of the room allowed us to prolong our intimate time together. Jason and I draped our arms around each other's wives curling up next to us.

We gave each other gentle kisses and brushes as we decompressed from our moment of adventure. Fingertips wandered in soft caresses as we savored the last of the night.

"I'm glad we waited to do this," Anne's eyes drifted to Ellie and Jason.

"Me too," Ellie's nose touched Jason's as they measured each other's breath. She felt his tender caress on her breast as she lightly brushed between his legs with her fingertips. "It would have been awkward."

"We were too young and it could have gotten weird." I brushed Anne's cheek with my lips while cupping and caressing her. Her fingers lightly massaged and explored as she returned my gentle kiss.

"It's been a literally fantastic evening," Jason's lips touched Ellie's as their eyes closed. "Thank you all for the best Christmas presents possible."

"We love you guys," Anne kissed my cheek.

"We love both of you also, Annie. I'm sorry I came across as cold or standoffish sometimes," I returned Anne's gentle kiss on her lips. "I was nervous you would mistake my shyness for some sort of snobbishness."

"That's understandable," Ellie responded, "I think we all had some pent-up feelings," her lips brushed Jason, "It's great we can deal with them with more maturity now."

"Elle, should we do one more Christmas present for the boys?" Anne lowered her head to my chest. Her fingernails caressed between my thighs.

"What are you thinking, Annie?" Ellie's hand drifted to Jason's base and tenderly cupped his sac as she brushed his cheek with her breath.

"Oh, I don't know, "Anne's hips shifted and her back lowered. She reached up to move her hair back as she rested the side of her head on my tummy. I felt her lips brush my tip. "What do you think?" she teased.

Jason watched Ellie lower herself in front of him. He moved his hips forward to make room for her as she turned on her side and touched her ear to his bellybutton. He brushed her hair back and he saw her cheek and felt her breath upon him again.

"Something like this?" Anne and I watched Ellie kiss the tip of Jason's manhood as she cradled and caressed him with her fingertips.

"That's sorta what I'm thinkin'," Anne's lips and tongue closed delicately around my tip. Her fingertips caressed like feathers around my base. I felt Anne's warm mouth around me as I watched Ellie's head slip down, taking more of Jason between her lips. Her eyes closed for a moment as her tongue curled around him. She opened her eyes and we connected. Her eyebrows flared to me as her cheeks rose in a smile, culminating in a loving wink.

Anne reached for my hand and placed it on her breast. I held her firmly as I gently played with her hardening tip between my fingers. I felt a stirring as I hardened in her mouth. Her warm saliva and velvet tongue were working a special magic.

Jason watched his wife as she kissed up and down my hardening shaft. His hand moved down to cup and squeezes my wife's breast as she moved her tongue and fingers all over his growing erection. He stroked her hair as her mouth closed on him and slid farther down his column.

Anne pressed the topside of my shaft against her lips with her fingers as her tongue slathered my length. My tip brushed against her cheek as she made out with my hard staff.

Jason and I broke our riveted gaze on our wives and acknowledged each other. His eyes were wide under raised brows. "Wow, "he breathed, "This is amazing."

"Oh my god," I responded, "We must have done something wonderful in a past life to deserve this."

"You men deserve this because you're both amazing," Ellie's lifted her head and proceeded to slowly bob up and down on Jason's erection. The coating of her saliva on his full hard-on glimmered in the light of the fire free adult cam

I felt Anne mimic Ellie's movements. Her mouth delicately masturbated me as she coaxed with her fingers. I gently rocked my hips to meet her rhythm while I held her soft bosom. Anne and I watched Ellie as her very full mouth swayed in unison with Jason's pelvis.

Anne bulled back slightly to speak. "You boys cum whenever you want," her head dropped as she engulfed me. I felt the back of her throat around my crown as her lips slid to the base of my shaft. Her tongue caressed my length as my rocking turned to thrusting. The flesh of her breast bulged through my fingers while I brushed her hair with my other hand.

"Mm-hmm," Ellie agreed as she watched her husband deeply thrusting into her best friend's eager mouth. She withdrew Jason for a moment as she lifted her head. Her eyes focused on him as she moved her back and shoulders to get a better angle. Her head fell as she plunged Jason's staff back into her mouth. She closed her eyes moved her lips lower. Her nose brushed his sac as she took him to his hilt.

"You are goddesses," Jason's fingertips brushed Ellie's hair around her cheek and ear. He continued his brush to her neck; over the place she had the tip of his column. His eyes dreamily roamed to and from each of our angelic wives as his rocking became more pronounced.

I knew that I couldn't hold out much longer but I needed the moment to last. I gently rested my hand on Anne's head as she bobbed up and down. Her mouth and throat felt incredible. I watched Ellie as Jason's bulge moved up and down her neck. And I knew I was on the edge.

Anne lifted back and took a deep breath while my staff rested against her cheek. "Holy crap! How do you guys get so big?"

"It's easy with angels like you," I felt Anne's warm mouth engulf me again as she let me thrust up into her mouth. Her throat sheathed me as her nose tickled my tummy.

Ellie withdrew for a gulp of air. "This reminds me of swim team, Annie," Her head descended, imitating the movement of a swimmer's butterfly stroke, bobbing through the surface of the water. Her hand cupped Jason's sac as she lovingly accepted his thrusts into her mouth, her head ascending and descending. The frothy saliva at the edges of her lips formed small bubbles as he tilted his head back and tightened his back.

"Hahaha!" Anne's head lifted, "Oh my god, you're right, Elle." Her hand held me to her lips as I couldn't stop my thrusting. Saliva and early pearl collected on her cheek as she opened her mouth to guide me back into her, each thrust finding ecstasy. My hand on her head became more firm as she let me savor her movement. My other hand tried to find a way to hold both of her breasts at once without success.

I watched Jason and Ellie as his back arched and her motion slowed. His thrusting ebbed and I heard Ellie's gentle swallowing sounds. His last thrust endured as his back curled and his hand held still on her breast. Ellie's neck muscles rose and fell as she drained the last of him. A small rivulet of opal cream flowed from her nose, mixing with the bubbles on his shaft at the edge of her mouth. A dreamy stillness enshrouded him as he faded into the couch pillows.

Any notion of prolonging the moment had passed. My core tightened and my shoulders moved forward. I felt energy erupting from my base and through Anne's lips. Unstoppable, it pushed through the length of my staff and her wrapping tongue. My crown felt the energy, erupting from within, as it grazed the back of her throat. I felt her muscles kiss my crown as she swallowed.

"Aauh!" an uncontrollable guttural noise vocally erupted from me as my final spastic thrusts emptied me. Anne held me deeply until my motion ebbed and I could breathe normally. I melted into the couch as her head rose to withdraw me. I felt her take a deep breath as my fingers brushed her hair and caressed her shoulder. I closed my eyes as my head fell back, swimming in the afterglow.

Ellie slowly withdrew Jason. She waved her hand to wipe away any strands between him and her frothy lips and nose. She took a deep breath and rested her head on his tummy. She closed her eyes as her cheek and lips snuggled to his waning member.

"That was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced," I felt Anne gently kissing and coddling me. "Thank you so much for such a wonderful Christmas present." I brushed Anne's cheek and hair with my fingertips.

"That was wonderful. Thank you guys for being such great husbands," Ellie said softly.

"Thank you gals for sharing your love with us," Jason leaned forward and kissed Ellie's head.

Anne reached an arm around to hug me, "Merry Christmas."